UFOs…….also known as WIPs!

UFOs and WIPs?  What do these things have in common?  I may have mentioned that I have about a zillion and one things on my hooks at this moment. It’s probably not too great of an exaggeration.  I have this severe disease called “startitis”….I have to keep starting new projects because the ones I’m working on get boring after a while or I’ll see something new that I just need to start now!

The thing I love most about starting a new project is watching it come to life, watch it form into something.  It’s the finishing that I have a very hard time with. Sewing and weaving in all the ends, putting pieces together to make one finished object.

Since joining Ravelry I find that I am finishing more items.  I feel somewhat accountable by keeping my projects all nice and neat in their database. It gives you such great joy to have people appreciate your work. The more hearts I get the happier I am….hearts mean someone has put your project on their favorite list.

So here are a couple of my current projects…we won’t go into the ones that have been languishing for years! Yes, years! I have some that I probably started at least 20+ years ago and have never finished.

This one is my 2″ granny square pile…there are 200 pieces in this picture. It’ll eventually turn into a quilt like afghan perfect for fall. Pattern is here.

Fall Scarecrow Afghan

This one I call Wintery Ripple. I’m actually testing this pattern for Anastacia Knits Designs.  I wanted something for winter and not so Christmassy. The afghan is pretty much done except for weaving in ends now. Hopefully will get that done soon.

Wintery Ripple

This is a Mysteryghan I was working on in one of the Ravelry groups. We would get one clue a week. I usually waited until someone would post their pictures before I would start my clue. I only wanted to use 5 or 6 colors and the pattern called for 8 so I wanted to make sure I had the best combination of colors. These two motifs were clue one.  The finished objects are absolutely gorgeous. The pattern is called September Morning and you can find it here.


This one is a slip stitch shawl pattern I’m also testing for Anastacia Knits Designs. I’m using Bernat Mosaic to get the color pattern. It’s slow going, doing all slip stitches is not as easy as it sounds. At least not for me. My tension is terrible as you can see by the huge ugly loops on the edges. I’ll clean them up when I’m done.

Slip Stitch Shawl Test

I know, I know, you’re saying this isn’t a zillion and one projects. It’s only four and one of them you almost have done. But trust me, there are more. As well as a ton of “man I really, really want to do this” patterns.

So stay tuned as I finish these up and get started on four more new ones!

Oh, and in case you were wondering…UFO means UnFinished Object and WIP means Work In Progress.